Most of the upper level classes (with the exception of our ballet classes) are dance team classes.  Dancers on the dance team are those who have chosen to make dance a priority in their extracurricular activities and are dedicated to becoming the best dancers they can be.  Most dancers on the dance team take multiple classes a week and are studying a variety of dance styles.  Our dance team travels to the Bay Area every Spring to compete in a regional dance competition and they can often be found performing at local festivals and events. These dancers provide our studio with a dynamic energy that motivates and inspires all of our dancers to reach for their full potential as dancers and performers.


Our McKinleyville studio has a mulit-use marley floor that is great for all styles of dance!


The majority of classes offered at the No Limits Dance Academy are for recreational dancers.  Recreational dancers are the younger dancers just being introduced to the world of dance.  They are the older dancers that might be only taking one or two classes a week because they have other interests outside of dance.  Recreational dancers may very well love dance just as much as those on the dance team, however, they have chosen to take a more moderate approach to their dance training.  We value these students greatly!  Recreational dancers make up the majority of our student body.

Our downstairs Arcata studio features a hardwood floor which is excellent for tap dancing!


Finding the entrance to our Arcata studio can sometimes be challenging!  Although our mailing address is 1093 10th street, the studio entrance is on the K street side of the building where the driveway is.

The entrance to our McKinleyville studio. Conveniently located right off of Pickett Road, behind the shopping center.

No Limits

Dance Academy

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At the No Limits Dance Academy our first and foremost goal is to foster a love and appreciation of dance in all of our students.  We emphasize a professional environment, technical perfection and fun!  Dance training at No Limits offers a unique experience for students to develop grace, coordination, rhythm, self discipline and confidence.  We value all of our students.  From the tiny tutus to the award winning advanced dancers, all of our students, with their unique goals, personalities and abilities are what contribute to our diverse dance family.  Whether a student goes on to become a professional dancer, a teacher or dances solely for enjoyment, it is our belief that the benefits of proper dance training and a positive dance experience can be applied and enjoyed throughout life!

Our Arcata upstairs studio is equipped with a sprung floor that is covered in state of the art marley.  Perfect for ballet and pointe work!

​​​​Under the direction of Virginia Niekrasz-Laurent, our ballet program is designed to accommodate the diverse needs and desires of our ballet students.  Our pre, introduction and beginning classes are centered around the younger ballerinas.  These classes are carefully crafted to give our younger dancers an inspiring and positive introduction to the world of ballet, while at the same time teaching them the appropriate ballet technique and etiquette.  Our more advanced classes have been designed to challenge and train a wide range of levels and needs. We recognize that our ballet students have a variety of  goals.  Some of our students are in class to acquire technique to enhance other dance styles, while some students are 

pursuing their dreams of classical ballet training.  It is our goal to provide all of our ballet students, no matter what their motivation for taking class, with professional ballet instruction.